Posted on February 23, 2013


Welcome to Lola PharmD!

I am a community pharmacist based in Atlanta, GA. I started this website to provide a platform where healthcare professionals and consumers can dialogue and share experiences. I also want to be able to share current health hot topics, new drug innovations, healthcare myths and some pharmacy musings.

Please feel free to contact me at lolapharmd@gmail.com if you want me to discuss a particular topic or if you want to ask a question (all questions will be anonymous).  I understand that not everyone is comfortable speaking face-to-face with a healthcare professional about certain conditions or medications, or maybe you just want a second opinion. I’ll be glad to be of help.

Thank you for stopping by this blog, and I invite you to subscribe, participate, and kindly leave some feedback either via email (lolapharmd@gmail.com) or in the comments section.


DISCLAIMER: This website contains the well researched personal opinions of the author. All content provided is for informational purposes only, and does not to replace the advice of your primary healthcare provider.

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