March 2014 generics

Posted on March 13, 2014


This is a new series I will be writing every month, to help all my readers keep track of the new generics that have been approved by the FDA. As we all know, generics are usually considerably cheaper than their brand equivalents, and can save you a whole lot of money while you are on your journey to better health. Here are the generics that were approved in March 2014 (I have added their primary indication in parentheses):

Since I missed the first two months of the year, I will also add them to this post:

  • Lamivudine Tablets (HBV) 100 mg (Hepatitis B)
    Approved: January 2, 2014 – Hetero Labs Limited; Apotex Corp.
    Generic for: Epivir-HBV
  • Telmisartan Tablets 20 mg, 40 mg and 80 mg (High Blood Pressure)
    Approved: January 8, 2014 – Watson Laboratories, Inc.
    Generic for: Micardis
  • Amlodipine Besylate and Telmisartan Tablets 5 mg/40 mg, 10 mg/40 mg, 5 mg/80 mg and 10 mg/80 mg
    (High Blood Pressure)
    Approved: January 8, 2014 – Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Generic for: Twynsta
  • Sirolimus Tablets 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg (Organ transplant – Immunosuppressant)
    Approved: January 8, 2014 – Zydus Pharmaceuticals (USA) Inc.
    Generic for: Rapamune
  • Mycophenolic Acid Delayed-Release Tablets 180 mg and 360 mg (Organ transplant – Immunosuppressant)
    Approved: January 8, 2014 – Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Generic for: Myfortic
  • Doxercalciferol Capsules 1 mcg and 2.5 mcg (Kidney Dialysis)
    Approved: January 14, 2014 – Roxane Laboratories, Inc.
    Generic for: Hectorol
  • Fluocinonide Cream USP, 0.1% (Skin inflammation)
    Approved: January 14, 2014 – Perrigo Israel Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
    Generic for: Vanos
  • Bromfenac Ophthalmic Solution 0.09% (Eye inflammation)
    Approved: January 22, 2014 – Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.
    Generic for: Bromday
  • Sunitinib Malate Capsules 12.5 mg, 25 mg, 37.5 mg and 50 mg (GastroIntestinal Tumors)
    Approved: January 30, 2014 – Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    Generic for: Sutent

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